Modern agriculture? Done. Done right.

Our product - ApptisenseTM provides 24/7 measurements from multiple points on your farmland and covers virtually any area and sensor distribution density.

  • Vital crop-related parameters for monitoring and analysis (ambient and soil temperature, air humidity, soil moisture and rainfall)
  • Comprehensive service (equipment distribution consulting, configuration & customization, help with sensor positioning and deployment, initial training)
  • For vineyards, farmlands, orchards - large area coverage (up to 2000 acres)
  • Weatherproof, 5-year maintenance-free operation

Designed to provide a scalable solution for small to large farmlands without additional routers or power supply required. The sensors are securely connected to the Internet and manageable from your web browser or smartphone.

ApptisenseTM includes a wireless, smart-sensor grid of weather stations and advanced web/smartphone software for data analysis, problem prediction - all to help users make informed decisions and let their crops thrive.

AgTech Weather conditions monitoring Plant models

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